Un DVD serait paru aux Etats-Unis : "When Librarians Attack!" racontant comment de dangereux bibliothécaires attaqueraient sauvagement leurs lecteurs. Conan the librarian a encore frappé. L'article explique que les ventes explosent et que des copies pirates circulent déjà sous le manteau. Et voilà l'image du bibliothécaire falot à lunettes transformée en celle d'un vil prédateur frustré.

"Being a librarian is a very frustrating, low-paying job," says producer Toby Hudspeth, whose film bypassed theatrical release with a "direct-to-video" marketing strategy. "It's immensely entertaining to watch these strait-laced types go after somebody like a shark after chum."

Les arguments des bib' semblent imparables :

"A book is your friend," she is heard screaming on the grainy videotape. "You wouldn't use a highlighter on a friend--don't use one on a book!"

tandis que l'ALA s'insurge :

"Most of our members are married, some of them happily," said ALA spokeswoman Judith Gaines. "Or have been at one time or another. Or know somebody who is."

Bien sûr, c'est exagéré, mais on vous conseille quand même de faire attention à rendre vos ouvrages à l'heure :

Fish and game wardens say librarians are unlikely to attack unless provoked, although they may view late returns of books as a threat."If your book is overdue you should approach librarians with caution, holding the volume out at arm's length with your hands palm down to show that you are not an aggressor," says Billy Ray Lyman of the Missouri Department of Wildlife. "And don't show fear--librarians can sense when you don't have the two cents a day fine, and they will go for the jugular."

Reste que si toute cette histoire est un faux, -le terme anglais est spoof qui désigne une blague, une parodie, si si- il faut parfois se méfier de l'eau qui dort...