Une chanson pour les bibliothécaires modernes, c'est le sous-titre de cette chanson interprétée par les SNMNMNM (sic) : "Addy will know". Elle raconte l'histoire d'un usager venu faire des recherches, emprunter un livre, un disque, un film à la bibliothèque et qui se trouve un peu perdu. Mais ce n'est pas grave parce qu'Addy le bibliothécaire saura le réorienter. D'après le site, cetet chanson serait un hommage à un-e vrai-e bibliothécaire apparenté à l'un des membres du groupe.

La chanson est disponible en ligne sur le wiki du groupe : http://addywillknow.pbwiki.com/

Librarians have appeared in pop culture as shushers, spinsters, even sex symbols. What about solvers of great conundrums, masters and mistresses of organization, purveyors of intellectual freedom?!

"Addy Will Know" avoids the stereotypes. Serving as a musical tribute to the modern librarian, it is about  a real librarian who leads a lost  patron to the four books he is looking for. The names of the books are never mentioned, but as a kind of puzzle, the song itself includes call numbers that correspond to the books hinted at in the verses.

Since "Addy Will Know" is essentially a song about you, the modern librarian, we want you to participate!

Les paroles de la chanson, téléchargeable pour l'écouter dans le métro sur votre lecteur MP3 :

Addy Will Know [Free Download]

I couldn’t think of that book that I read
The one where the characters all wind up dead
Or maybe it was only just one guy
Who bit the dust in the ending
Wanted to take in a film about birds
It’s a good thing to know some of the words
That they’ll be using in the film
And what they really mean 

but when I looked in reference
I couldn’t find the section
I thought that I could find it on my own 

Addy will know (4x) 

I needed an article on global war
The chance of us screwing this up even more
I wanted to know who the general was
That made us drop the H-Bomb 

There was guy  who was whack in the head
Never made any money and when he was dead
A hundred umbrellas were found inside
Who was this guy 

Addy will know (4x) 

But when I tried to find him,
In the music section
I got lost and had to double back


Addy will know (8x) 

I couldn’t think of that book that I read
The one where the characters all wind up dead