Parmi les présentations proposées au dernier congrès de l'IFLA, à Durban, s'en trouvait une consacrée à Second Life :

Second Life Machinima for Libraries: the intersection of instruction, outreach and marketing in a virtual world[pdf]
BERNADETTE DALY SWANSON (University of California, Davis, USA)

The virtual world of Second Life is a global community of creativity, collaboration, commerce and entertainment with the number of resident accounts now over 8 million (“Linden Research”). The immersive and visually rich environment is a natural for multimodal instruction, collaboration and interaction. The Second Life browser software comes equipped with build-tools, group options, communication tools such as chat and instant messenger, and a menu-driven video capture tool for users to record “machinima” of their experiences, simulations or live events. Machinima is familiar to millions of gamers around the world and is defined as “animated filmmaking within a real-time virtual 3D environment” (“3D Game Based”). This paper provides a practical look at how we can connect with millenials and adults using machinima, and suggests ideas for individual and collaborative story and content development for sharing with socially networked online communities in Second Life and on the web.

Le document reprend chaque diapo de la présentation et en propose des commentaires et des explications.

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