Je ne me souviens plus si j'en avais parlé : mais l'année dernière, une biblioblogueuse outre-manche avait entrepris de recenser les biblioblogs anglo-saxons.

Après une recherche rapide, elle avait mis en place un wiki recensant tous les blogs qu'elle avait pu trouver. Ces derniers y apparaissent classés en quatre catégories :

  1. Institutional Library Blogs / Professional Group Blogs
    These blogs are written either by library staff within an institution such as a university or hospital, or are created by a group linked geographically, or by shared interests.A combined RSS feed of the output of the academic sector blogs is available here.
  2. Individual Blogs
    These blogs are written by individuals who identify themselves on their blogs as librarians. The content of postings can be library related, or more personal.
  3. Chartership Blogs
    These blogs are usually records of an individuals professional progress as they go through the process of Chartering with CILIP. These are in a distinct category as they cover a very specific area of librarianship. They also tend to be abandoned when the application for Chartership is submitted, so I've not included any that haven't been updated for a significant amount of time.
  4. Industry / Supplier Blogs
    These blogs are written either by librarians working for library system suppliers, or by the general staff of these companies. The blogs are included on this list because they have relevance to libraries and librarians.