Une école devrait ouvrir à New York à l'automne prochain. Jusqu'ici rien de bien extraordinaire, si ce n'est que cette école d'un genre nouveau se veut résolument orientée vers les "digital kids" et proposera des modes d'apprentissages alternatifs résolument tournés vers les technologies en ligne : réseaux en ligne, jeux, médias numériques, technologies mobiles.

A l'origine entre autres de ce projet, l'institut du jeu explique ainsi sa démarche :

We believe that students today can and do learn in different ways, often through interaction with digital media and games. Q2L builds on this belief to create a nurturing and vibrant 6th-12th grade school environment that supports all students in the pursuit of academic excellence, social responsibility, respect for others, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Within Quest’s integrated curriculum traditional and 21st century literacies merge— students “learn by doing” through coursework focused on helping students make connections between ideas and skills in real world contexts. Enhanced literacy and math instruction occurs daily and all students have opportunities to gain expertise in reading, writing, and designing with digital media, including taking courses in computer programming, media arts, and game design. A fully integrated Wellness curriculum supports students in achieving healthy hearts, minds, and bodies. “Quest to Learn has re-imagined the traditional school from top to bottom, based on research on how students today learn best—and has created a new kind of learning environment that will prepare students for success in college and the 21st century workforce,” said Robert Hughes, president of New Visions for Public Schools.

L'école recherche encore étudiants et professeurs, si certains sont intéressés...