Via Trendsnow, voici un système intéressant de classement visuel des livres, imaginé par la communication designer Valérie Madill : looking at libraries

Le principe consiste en un bandeau de couleur qui reprend des informations de base à placer sur la tranche et la couverture du livre et ainsi permettre aux usagers d'obtenir soit des informations d'ensemble selon la couleur du bandeau, soit d'autres plus précises selon les informations écrites dessus.

Il s'agit de peindre l'espace dit-elle

I decided to design the space using the call number labels. More than a re-design; I consider this design to simply use an existing element, rather than add a new one.

In a library setting, not only is does the book take up to most physical space, it is iconic in terms of our association to the library. Notice that the book's cover loses it's importance in the library, it is squashed between this book and that book. Not to be confused with a book store, this is a well organized storage space. It is the spine that one look's for and it is the call number label that allows one to find. With so much pressure on the call number label, I found it to be tiny and inconsistent, appearing to be slapped on carelessly. Now imagine a wall of books, it appears to be quite disorganized in terms of the book's information, a mismach a textures, typefaces and colours. The information inevitably gets lost within itself. I Initially wanted to cover the books individually with a standard removable sleeve that I would design displaying all of the book's information in a clean, efficient and legible manner; however, it took about 30 seconds in the encyclopedia section to feel how boring and unbearable this solution would make one's library experience. The trickiest part was realizing that having the same template for every book did not ease one's book search, but rather cause the book to completely to disappear within the others, making it impossible to see or stand out. All signs of curiosity vanish.

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